10305071_10153182694654533_914859543948228652_nI truly believe that our health is our greatest asset & that without a vibrant, healthy body, mind & soul we would not be able to fully enjoy this gift of life to its full potential.

For this reason, I have always been very passionate about natural health & wellbeing.  But it wasn’t until my first yoga class that I discovered my ‘true calling’.  It is my passion & greatest joy to help educate others about the benefits of yoga & in turn, inspire them go live happier, healthier, more fuller lives.

To me, yoga encompasses much more than just exercise & physical movement. Yoga is about creating harmony & balance within the body, mind & soul. It is about discovering who you really are from the inside out, it is about learning to feel at peace within your own body & offers the opportunity to tap in to your true potential. The beauty of yoga is that each class is as individual as you are. Every time you roll out the mat, no matter what is going on around you, no matter how good or bad you are feeling, there is always an opportunity for growth & self-discovery.

To teach yoga is a gift that I truly treasure & my love for it resonates within every cell of my being. I believe my enthusiasm for teaching comes from the enjoyment I get in seeing others prosper & grow as they too learn to connect to their bodies & discover a whole new, & even more beautiful part of themselves.

When I am not on the mat, you will almost always find me at the beach with my puppy or working on my clothing line called Spiritual Warrior.  I absolutely love a good hug, the ocean, sunshine, hammocks, getting lost in meditation, sunsets and sunrises, a good book, sand between my toes, salty hair, staring at the stars, full moons, live music & mother nature.


I look forward to sharing my passions with you & in turn, being inspired by yours!