One of my beloved gurus Emil Wendell taught me whilst I was studying in India how women are worshiped in India and represent the creation of life. They are living goddesses and should be proud of their ‘shakti’ energy.

He said watch and see how the women dress and you will witness how their colours inspire and uplift the community around them as they live in such poor conditions. The women still blossom like the lotus flower that grows up from the dirty waters and radiates its beauty for all those to see and enjoy.

He highlighted how the women in India no matter how rich or poor always decorate their bodies with jewellery at least wearing a nose ring, a bindi either a sticker or dyed mud on their third eye and dress in the most exotic colours and prints.

One of my beautiful clients Kim came to class yesturday wearing red rose leggings, a black singlet and a big rose brouch and I couldn’t help but smile and say she looked beautiful. She replied ‘I like to dress to make others feel uplifted which reminded me of this beautiful teaching from my teacher.

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  1. Kim Gianni says:

    My beautiful Michelle,Thank you very much for your message about me!!.As you know we are all born beautiful and as you know as we grow so does are soul!!.

    Your Soul Sister

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