10491115_10152587691264328_8089791718832020463_n(1)Name: Kasia Wallis
Age: 33
Role: IT/Marketing whiz

Why do you love working at Essence of Living so much?
Working at Essence of Living has been a rewarding experience. I’ve met amazing people who have helped me grow in ways that I could not have imagined. I’ve been part of some fantastic projects and at times we achieved what seemed impossible.

Everyone at Essence of Living has become family, together we have experienced highs and lows, but throughout we know we have the support of each other. I am thankful to have made life long friends that continue to suprise and amaze me. I look forward to my future at Essence of Living, as we continue to help create a positive impact in the lives of everyone who comes through our doors.

What is your favourite thing to do when your not working?
12640390_969209726448655_7261712011829516342_oGetting out in nature! I’m always scheming of my next big adventure in nature. But, you’ll find me deep in a rainforest or national park atleast 5 times a week. It reconnects me to my soul and nurtures my spirit. I can’t help but have a continuous smile when I’m out there, even if I’m drenched in sweat!

Do you have another passion or career you pursue as well as working at Essence of Living?
received_10153957053119328I have three big passions in my life currently.
1) Anyone who knows me, knows about my passion for “making stuff”. Apart from completing house reno’s (a job that doesn’t end), I love to fix and make things in my precious spare time. Currently I’m enjoying restoring old windows into photo frames. They look amazing and I hope to have some for sale in the next few weeks.
2) For someone that loves to be in nature and be active, it only made sense to take up trail running. This healthy obsession has taken me to some beautiful areas around the world. Running for hours on the edge of a cliff or into snakes on your own isn’t for everyone. Its a sport for the slightly crazy. Currently I’m in training for the Tarawera 50KM race in November. Keen to join?
3) Another slightly crazy friend and I created “Goddess Adventures”. In its early days, we want to help create a platform to help inspire and support other women for their next adventure. Eventually, we would love to lead small groups on trips in National Parks. You can support us here: Website | Instagram | Facebook

What is your favourite food & local restaurant?
One of my oldest friends is Thai, and having grown up closely with her family I’ve developed a love for Thai food and culture.
My favourite local Thai restaurants are: Thai Magik in Chirn Park and Chili Thai in Ashmore.

What is your top 5 health & beauty tips?
1) Sleep. I can’t stress enough how important sleep is to me. Without sleep im foggy, unmotivated, constantly snacking, and grumpy. I need atleast 8hrs to rejuvenate my body. It’s important to stick to a routine and go to bed early. I sometimes use some essential oils on my pillow to help me fall into a deep sleep.
2) Good food. Listen to your body. Im not talking about its cravings for chocolate and chips. But our body tells us when its craving certain nutrients. I don’t stick to a strict diet but i do try to make sure i get a well rounded meal 3 times a day. It’s a must for an active lifestyle, especially if your running for hours a week.
3) Chemical free beauty products. A good friend of mine educated me about the chemicals that are put into beauty products. Im a science nut, and the research staked up. Now i have a simple rule, if I can’t pronounce the ingrediant than im not putting it on my skin, our largest organ. Rosehip oil is one product that has an amazing effect on my skin. I cannot live without it. I use it at night after washing my face.
4) Eliminate stress. I know, easier said than done. But, stress is the silent killer. It has such a profound effect on the body and mind. Im always trying to eliminate the stresses in my life or I find ways to lower my stress levels.
5) Exercise. Move it! Exercise is a huge part of my life. If I can’t exercise i get grumpy, tired, unmotivated, foggy and just feel..yuck. So I exercise frequently. But, too much of a good thing can be bad. It’s important to let our bodies recover and rebuild. I know im particularly guilty of not resting. Doing Clare’s general yoga or a barre class isnt resting! Currently I bike ride to work, run, yoga, pilates, learning golf and run.. did i say run?

Where can we follow you?
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