Pic 1Name: Prue Cooper
Age: 34
Role: Studio Manager

Why do you love working at Essence of Living so much?
I love being a part of what Essence of Living stands for. My role here gives me the flexibility to do what I love and meet amazing, inspiring people. Every day brings an uplifting experience and a new, more positive, zest for being a better person. Also, being able to bring my little buddy, Missy, to work every day, is a blessing, and she has become a wooly/wagging member of the family.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?
I have just completed my Masters in Counselling Psychology, so, after over 8 years of full-time study, I am learning to spend time doing other things that I love.  My passions are running, swimming, being with my loved ones and good red wine.

Pic 2What is your favorite food & local restaurant?
Italian food is my favorite cuisine. I love fresh pasta and home made sauces. Anything with plenty of garlic and olive oil wins my heart.
What is your top 5 health & beauty tips? 1) Get at least 8 hours sleep a day; 2) Drink plenty of water; 3) Eat wholesome foods; 4) Sweat daily; 5) Enjoy some indulgences.

Where can we follow you?
Facebook: Prue Cooper
Instagram: @prudencecooper

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