3d2e0f34e742d73e32b42bf1ab1dbd8a 2I started dancing age 5 in The Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, before moving to Melbourne at age 14 to study full time with The Australian Ballet School. Upon graduating in 2009, I received a contract to dance professionally with The Australian Ballet. After retiring in late 2013, I began my journey as a teacher of dance. With the free time I had suddenly obtained from leaving life as a full time dancer, I delved into Yoga as a way to center myself after a turbulent relationship with my passion of dance as well as to continue to move my body in a way that fully cultivated body awareness.

It wasn’t until I moved to the Gold Coast in 2015 and was brought to a class at Essence of Living that my passion for Yoga really unfolded. The Vinyasa style of the classes completely resonated with me and I was completely hooked.

Pilates has been something I have practiced and loved since I was 12 years old. Firstly I used it as a tool to strengthen myself for the vigorous amount of dance training I was undergoing and later to combat many injuries I face along my career. The high energy Pilates classes at Essence have been a fun way to mix up my physical workouts and I cannot wait to share this on the mat as a teacher.