I moved to the sunny Gold Coast on Boxing Day 2011 and I have loved every day since. Walking my little dog Maui on the beach every morning gives me an opportunity to really immerse myself in the magnificence of this planet that we live on. I think we are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place.
I discovered Essence of Living not long after my arrival here, and there too I haven’t looked back. I did the Yoga 1 Training with the gorgeous Michelle and a lovely bunch of fellow students and found my happy place.
Since then I have continued my study with Michelle and Essence of Living Academy completing Pilates Level 1 & 2, and most recently the Yin Yoga course. Yin has given greater scope to my yoga teaching, and now teaching Barre I have the opportunity to incorporate the years of dance training into the most fun, sweat soaked, butt burning workout I have ever done.
I have a long standing passion for health and fitness. I have been practicing Yoga on and off since my late teens and  I have had extensive dance training over the last 35 years in many disciplines from Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Belly dance, Roller Dance, Aerial Silks, Lyra & Pole Dancing. I have been teaching dance since I was 17.
Yoga for me is about gaining a deeper connection to self. Taking the time on the mat to work through the poses translates into a clearer insight off the mat too. I love the philosophy, the sweat, the elation and even the nasty gritty pain I get in my hips some days. I look forward to sharing your yoga journey too.