Over the past few years I have enjoyed being a student at Essence of Living. I became addicted to the vibrant energy and enriching motivation Essence offered with the introduction of Pilates Barre classes.  I valued the benefits of Pilates so much that, under the guidance and support of Michelle Merrifield, I found a passion for something beyond my love of family and friends.  Pilates was the piece of the puzzle that was missing from my life to help me achieve that important work-life balance.  My work days are challenging yet rewarding as I support families and children with speech, language and learning difficulties and developmental disabilities.  Pilates enables me to support the virtue that, by looking after yourself, you are better equipped to help others.

I could not pass up the opportunity to train as a teacher with Michelle at Essence of Living International Academy.  My training has not only strengthened my passion as a student of Pilates, but has helped me to foster greater self-confidence and compassion.  Through fluidity, flexibility and a smile, I hope to encourage a strong sense of self-worth in others and motivate them to find the courage to flourish and blossom in the garden of life