Hi, my names Jess and here’s just a little bit about me… I believe that the body was designed to move and as a result have always had a very active lifestyle. I first started attending yoga and Pilates classes at my local gym during high school and have continued to fall in love with the practice ever since. I have a passion for health, wellness and fitness and aspire to further expand my knowledge within the industry for many years to come, as well as share this interest with those around me.

Completing Yoga Level 1 and the Pilates Level 1 & 2 teacher training at Essence of Living International Academy has opened up a whole new world of opportunities I never could have imagined. I am truly blessed and honored to work with such amazing teachers and practice along side inspiring students.

I aim to deliver a dynamic, fun-filled class, encouraging students to listen to and trust in their own intuition by creating a space that allows them to reconnect to their true essence. I hope to inspire a balanced, healthy lifestyle, to foster self-love and self-belief, while cultivating the mind, body, spirit connection.

“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.” ~ BUDDHA

… so think positive, feel love and visualize your dream.


Much love, Jess xx