20.10.13Since a young age I have been a real live wire – always GO, GO, GO.  With so much energy I participated in many representative sports throughout my school years. I thrived on the buzz of adrenalin – but I didn’t know how to just chill out!!

An active adult I continued to be physically on the go – but my mind and emotions too would race.  Then I stumbled on to yoga almost by mistake – or was it…?  I instantly breathed a sweet sigh of relief after my first class. It was challenging yet calming.  Each practice allowed me to detach from the mayhem in my life and simply be in the moment. Everything else dissipated. My mind and heart quietened, I was at peace and so centred.

I soon knew I wanted to teach yoga.  I thought “If everyone knew how awesome yoga was – Everyone would be doing it!!  Everyone…including children.

Kids Yoga is a fun, friendly, safe and non-competitive environment. After releasing pent up energy and feelings children enjoy a well deserved chillax in Savasana.  As a Learn-to-Swim-Teacher I love encouraging children to develop life skills and watch as their confidence flourishes.  Yoga too accomplishes this as it subtly teaches self belief, acceptance, patience, awareness and appreciation.

Yoga is for people all ages and abilities.  Join us at Essence of Living and experience yoga on and off the mat.