9I have practiced pilates since the tender age of 14, arriving as a lanky ballet student who was blessed with flexibility but drastically lacked the strength and stability to support it.  I literally would not have had a performance career without pilates.  It made that big of a difference to my dancing, correcting my imbalances and improving my control.  Yoga I discovered around age 18, and also fell in love with.  Working and stretching in parallel was the perfect complement to all the turn out that ballet involved.  The balancing postures challenged me, the twisting inspired me and learning new ways to move my body and coordinate it with my breath nourished my soul.

After studying both Classical Ballet and Performing Arts full time for 2 years after high school I then embarked on my first professional dance contract, which turned out to be the first of 18 consecutive professional performing contracts.  Along the way I also discovered a passion for Aerial Circus Arts, training in disciplines such as Aerial Ring, Spanish web, Silks, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hammock, Net, Cube, Contortion and Acrobatic Adage.  I was lucky enough to spend 13 years being paid to travel the world and perform in places such as the Moulin Rouge Paris, Conrad Jupiters Casino Gold Coast, Tokyo DisneySea Resort Japan, Costa, P&O and Tui cruiselines, Casino de la Vallee Italy, JW Marriot Resort Mumbai, Warner Bros Movieworld on the Gold Coast, Westgate Singapore, 3 seasons with Palazzo Variete in Germany and 2 years at Draculas Cabaret Circus on the Gold Coast.

Eventually though I realised that my performance career wouldn’t last forever and so decided that the next best thing would be to have the ability to share my passion for movement and health with the world.  There was no choice about where I wanted to learn to become a yoga teacher.  Now settled on the Gold Coast, I knew immediately that Essence of Living was the place to go.  Ever since my first class there, I knew that I’d found a space I felt at home and at peace in.  I am inspired constantly by Michelle and every other teacher I’ve practiced with there and could not be more excited to join such a wonderful team of people and to help share the love and light that is yoga.  See you on the mat.