Statement of Purpose

The teachers at Essence of Living Yoga & Pilates Centre recognize the sensitive nature of the student-teacher relationship. We believe that it is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure safe and protected environment in which a student can grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Essence of Living Academy advises students to be aware of their rights and responsibilities as stated in relevant Queensland and Australian legislation, in particular the Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the principles of Access and Equity, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Anti Discrimination Act.

Any student who feels they have been unfairly treated is encouraged to raise the matter with Essence of Living Academy staff, who are committed to resolving such matters. Equally, students are expected to behave in a manner that is not offensive to fellow students or staff of Essence of Living. Courtesy and politeness are expected of all students.

Expectations of Teacher Trainers

The teacher training is at a Certificate IV level, as well as internationally recognised vocational training. At this level it is expected that students will be self directed in their learning (it is not ‘spoon feed’ learning).

The teacher trainer(s) are responsible for facilitating the learning experience, explaining the assessment material, feedback and marking assessment material.

We aim to provide a safe, supportive learning environment for all students. Any behaviour that has the potential to adversely affect the Equal Opportunity learning environment, OH&S or learning outcomes of the group can result in a student being excluded from the class.

The teacher trainer(s) will be available for questions regarding the material or assessment items. Please note if the questions relate to material the student missed or outside the scope of the material, it is at the trainer’s discretion whether to answer, defer to a later date or refer to the attendance policy.

Support Services

Literacy and Numeracy – Should you have any difficulty in understanding any information we provide you in writing, please bring this to the attention of you instructor who will provide whatever immediate assistance he or she can. In the event that assistance is ineffective or not available for reasons outside our control then we will provide assistance to you in contacting a tutor in English. The cost of the tutor will be advised to you prior to the commencement of this support service.

Learning Difficulties – Should you have any difficulty in comprehending any course content due to the method of delivery, please bring this to the attention of you instructor who will provide whatever immediate assistance he or she can. In the event that assistance is ineffective or not available for reasons outside our control then we will provide assistance to you in contacting a tutor in English. The cost of the tutor will be advised to you prior to the commencement of this support service.

Students with Physical or Intellectual Disabilities – If you believe that you can develop the competencies needed to satisfy the issue of the qualifications in a course which we conduct but this requires special facilities or services, please raise these needs with us prior to commencement of the course so that we can plan how these needs can be met. While we undertake to always try to meet special needs it is possible that we might be unable for reasons outside our control to provide them. A cost might apply for the provision of the special services and this will be advised prior to the commencement of the training.

Assessment Policy

All in class assessments are due as per the class schedule. Please speak to the trainer before the due date if you will be unable to submit the assignments on time.

If you attend all classes but don’t finish the assessments to the appropriate standard you may have the opportunity to resubmit the assessments. If it is still not completed additional fees may apply to resubmit or resit the course.

Attendance policy

Students are expected to attend all classes. If unable to attend a session it is the student’s responsibility to make other arrangements, contact us in writing to arrange, emails are acceptable. Cost will apply at $110 per hour.

If there is a compassionate reason for missing the original class please include in application, at Essence of Livings discretion, some fee reduction may apply in certain cases.


All written and practical assessments must be completed to receive certificates.

  • Assessment must be valid, reliable, fair and flexible
  • Evidence must be valid, sufficient, current and authentic
  • You can appeal assessment decisions
  • All evidence for assessment must be submitted within 6 months of start date.

You can resubmit evidence twice, within 6 months of start date. After that cost apply for any additional assessment at a rate of $110 an hour.


If in the event a student required to appeal their Not yet competency score, they will need to write a written request for review of competency for the course code under question with evidence supporting their case. All appeals are welcomed and reviewed to ensure, both student, organisation and industry standard satisfaction.


If in the event a student feels the need to voice a complaint about either the facilitator, administration issues, delivery premises, a fellow student, course content, assessment strategy or anything else, a written letter with supporting evidence will be required. All complaints are welcomed and reviewed to ensured both student, organisation and industry standard satisfaction

Training Schedules

Class will begin promptly the scheduled time.

It is acceptable to eat during class, if needed. There will be breaks during the training but the longer break usually occurs between 2 & 3 pm.


All course fees can be found at

No enrolment will be accepted without the minimum deposit.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are offered at Essence of Living’s discretion, if a payment plan is approved:

  • The following schedule of payments will be agreed upon and signed by both parties
    • Initial deposit is to be paid immediately.
    • Ezi Debit option available. An agreed amount will be automatically debited from your bank account weekly or fortnightly. (This includes a one off $500 administration fee, $100 for each subsequent course).
  • An alternate payment plan may be considered if a written application outlining a proposed payment plan is submitted, followed by an interview.
Course 3 month plan
Weekly Payment
6 month plan
Weekly Payment
Yoga Level 1 $260 $130 $1020
Yoga Level 2 $220 $85 $1090
Yin Yoga $120 $60 $585
Yoga and Pilates Level 1 Combined $1000 discount $420 $210 $1240
Pilates Level 1 $170 $85 $1090
Pilates Level 2 $130 $65 $500


In the event that students can’t attend the course they originally enrolled in but wish to transfer to another course, Essence of Living will honour monies paid and credit this towards the new course. Please advise Essence of Living Academy staff in writing of all transfer requests.


All refunds are offered at Essence of Living’s discretion, except where covered by law.
Essence of Living’s refund policy is:

  • All refunds must be requested in writing. A $50 refund fee will apply to all refunds.
  • If you feel you may eligible for a full refund on compassionate grounds, please provide details and attach copies of appropriate evidence (i.e. medical certificates).
  • If at least one months notice is given before the scheduled start date the balance over the deposit of $500 + $50 refund fee will be refunded.
  • No refunds or reduction of payment plans will be offered if students decide to withdraw with less than 2 weeks’ notice before the scheduled start date of course.
  • No refunds or reduction in payment plans will be offered if students decide to cancel or drop out of course.
  • No refund or reduction in payment plans will be offered if students are excluded from class for reasons of OH&S, violations of Essence of Living Code of Conduct or any unethical and/or illegal conduct.

Student Support

Students will be given an individual student access code to access Essence of Living Academy website portal allowing them to revisit all course content delivered during the certification. Content will include audio, visual and video references to ensure student optimisation and learning maximisation.

Students with special needs including dietary, learning and social requirements are advised to notify Essence of Living Academy administration on enrolment to ensure all student needs are met to reach competency. Each student has access to face to face, email, phone and online group forum support to assist in student enquiries.

Students records and certification are available for viewing and reprint within 5 business days of written or verbal request


In order to protect the student in this potentially vulnerable relationship, as well as to uphold the highest professional standards for the teachers, we agree to accept the following foundational principles:

  1. To avoid discriminating against or refusing professional help to anyone on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin.
  2. To stay abreast of new developments in the field of Yoga and Pilates through educational activities and study.
  3. To seek out and engage in collegial relationships, recognizing that isolation can lead to a loss of perspective and judgement.
  4. To manage our personal lives in a healthful fashion and to seek appropriate assistance for our own personal problems or conflicts.
  5. To provide rehabilitative instruction only for those problems or issues that are within the reasonable boundaries of our competence.
  6. To establish and maintain appropriate professional relationship boundaries.
  7. To cultivate an attitude of humanity in our teaching, we dedicate our work to something greater then ourselves.

Professional Practices

In all professional matters, we maintain practices and teaching procedures that protect the public and advance the profession.

  1. We use our knowledge and professional associations for the benefit of the people we serve and not to secure unfair personal advantage.
  2. Fees and financial arrangements, as with all contractual matters, are always discussed without hesitation or equivocation at the onset and are established in a straightforward, professional manner.
  3. We may at times render service to individuals or groups in need without regard to financial remuneration.
  4. We neither receive nor pay a commission for of referral of a student.
  5. We conduct our fiscal affairs with due regard to recognized business and accounting procedures.
  6. We are careful to represent facts truthfully to students, referral sources and third party payers regarding credentials and services rendered. We will correct any misrepresentation of our professional qualifications.
  7. We do not malign colleagues or other professionals.

Student Relationships

It is our responsibility to maintain relationships with students on a professional basis.

  1. We do not abandon or neglect students. If we are unable, or unwilling for appropriate reasons, to provide professional help or continue a professional relationship, every reasonable effort is made to arrange for continuation of instruction with another teacher.
  2. We make only realistic statements regarding the benefits of Yoga and Pilates.
  3. We show sensitivity in regard for the moral, social and religious standards of students and groups. We avoid imposing our beliefs on others, although we may express them when appropriate in a Yoga and Pilates class.
  4. We recognise the trust placed in and unique power of the student-teacher relationship. While acknowledge the complexity of some Yoga and Pilates relationships, we avoid exploiting the trust and dependency of students. We avoid those dual relationships with students (e.g., business, close personal or sexual relationships) that could impair our professional judgement, compromise the integrity of our instruction, and/or use the relationship for our own gain.
  5. We do not engage in harassment, abusive words or actions, or exploitative coercion of students or former students.
  6. All forms of sexual behaviour and harassment with students is unethical, even when a student invites or consents to such behaviour involvement. Sexual behaviour is defined as, but not limited to, all forms of overt and covert seductive speech, gestures and behaviour as well as physical contact of a sexual nature; harassment is defined as, but not limited to, repeated comments, gestures, or physical contact of sexual nature.
  7. We recognise that the teacher-student relationship involves a power imbalance, the residual effects of which can remain after the student is no longer studying with the teacher. Therefore, we suggest extreme caution if you choose to enter into a personal relationship with a student.

Assistant, Student and Employee Relationships

As Yoga and Pilates teachers, we have an ethical concern for the integrity and welfare of our assistants, students, and employees. These relationships are maintained on a professional and confidential basis. We recognise our influential position with regard to both current and former assistants, students and employees, and avoid exploiting their trust and dependency. We make every effort to avoid dual relationships with such persons that could impair our judgement or increase the risk of personal and/or financial exploitation.

  1. We do not engage in sexual or other harassment of current assistants, students, employees or colleagues.
  2. All forms of sexual behaviour, as defined in Section 4.6, with our assistants, students and employees are unethical.
  3. We advise our assistants, students, and employees against offering or engaging in, or holding themselves out as competent to engage in, professional services beyond their training, level of experience, and competence.
  4. We do not harass or dismiss an assistant or employee who has acted in a reasonable, responsible and ethical manner to protect, or intervene on behalf of, a student or other member of the public or another employee.

Interprofessional Relationships

As Yoga and Pilates teachers, we relate to and cooperate with other professional persons in our immediate community and beyond. We are part of a network of health care professionals and are expected to develop and maintain interdisciplinary and inter-professional relationships.

  1. Knowingly soliciting another teacher’s students is unethical.
  2. Speaking of other teachers with disrespect is unethical.


Any advertising, including announcements, public statements and promotional activities, done by us or for us, is undertaken for the purpose of helping the public make informed judgements and choices.

  1. We do not misrepresent our professional qualifications, affiliations and functions, or falsely imply sponsorship or certification by any organization.
  2. Announcements and brochures promoting our services describe them with accuracy and dignity. These promotional materials should be devoid of exaggerated claims about the effects of Yoga and Pilates. We may send them to professional persons, religious institutions and other agencies, but to prospective individuals students only response to inquiries as long as that promotional material is sent to a reasonable audience in a non-invasive way.
  3. We do not make public statements which contain any of the following:
    1. A false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or unfair statement.
    2. A misrepresentation of fact or a statement likely to mislead or deceive because in context it makes only a partial disclosure of relevant facts.
    3. A statement implying unusual unique or one-of-a-kind abilities, including misrepresentation through sensationalism, exaggeration, or superficiality.
    4. A statement intended or likely to exploit a student’s fears, anxieties, or emotions.
    5. A statement concerning the comparative desirability of offered services.
  4. Advertisements or announcements by us of workshops, clinics, seminars, growth groups, or similar services or endeavours are to give a clear statement of purpose and a clear description of the experiences to be provided. The education, training and experience of the provider involved are to be appropriately specified.


We respect that integrity and protect the welfare of all persons with whom we are working and have an obligation to safeguard information about them that has been obtained in the course of the instruction process.

  1. All records kept on a student are stored or disposed of in a manner that assures security and confidentiality.
  2. Students may request to see their records at anytime by asking any of the Essence of Living administration staff.
  3. We treat all communications from students with professional confidence.
  4. When supervising apprentices or consulting with other Yoga and Pilates teachers, we use only the first names of our students, except in those situations where the identity is necessary to understanding of the case. It is our responsibility to convey the importance of confidentiality to the apprentice or consultant.
  5. We do not disclose student confidences to anyone, except: as mandated by law; to prevent a clear and immediate danger to someone; in the course of civil, criminal, or disciplinary action arising from the instruction where the teacher is a more than one person (as student), written permission must be obtained from all legally accountable persons who have been present during the instruction before any disclosure can be made.
  6. We obtain written consent of students before audio and/or video tae recording or permitting third party observation of sessions.
  7. When current or former students are referred to in a publication, while teaching, or in a public presentation, their identity is thoroughly disguised.


You will agree before the training to not set up a NEW Yoga and/or Pilates studio within 5km of the Essence of Living studio located at 3/52 Peerless Avenue, Mermaid Beach, Queensland 4218 (within 2 years of training). You agree not to contact any of the clients from the Essence of Living studio for any commercial purpose. Teaching at an existing business, studio or gym is acceptable along with setting up a one on one private studio within a 5km. You agree not to offer yoga and/or Pilates teacher training courses yourself for 2 years after completion of the course and agree to acknowledge ‘Essence of Living’ as your training provider on your website and the like.

Course Materials

All materials provided during the course are for the purposes of enabling you to achieve the qualification(s) and are copyright protected. You will agree not to use any of the material for any commercial purpose, including delivery.