My whole life has been based around movement. It started when I was a young gymnast and competed in the World Sports Aerobics and Fitness Championships for Australia. My love of fitness and movement continued when I became a professional dancer, and for six years this allowed me to see the world and push myself as a performer. Movement and fitness has now brought me to Essence of Living where I have fallen in love with pilates. As a dancer core strength and flexibility have always been a priority, because of this, the yoga and pilates classes at Essence of Living immediately appealed to me. Not only was I attracted to the health and fitness aspect, but the amazing feeling you’re left with after finishing a class. Through the mind and body connection of these practices, it helps you to feel grounded, refreshed and put things into perspective.

Having practiced pilates and yoga for years, I had been contemplating teaching for a few months. I walked out of Clare’s pilates class one night and saw the Essence of Living International Training Academy brochure. I booked in the next day and haven’t looked back since. It has allowed me to study my certificate III and IV in fitness, and the Pilates Level 1 teacher course with Michelle as my mentor.

I hope that through teaching and my love for this practice, I can bring a challenge to each class in a fun and enjoyable way, whilst nurturing my students to reach their goals and potential.

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” Mahatma Gandhi

See you in class

Tara xxx