14080915_10154481331419533_1278159397_n“Essence of Living 200 hour Teacher Training was a well rounded and deeply transformational experience. It’s obvious that Michelle has dedicated years of her life to the study and practice of yoga. She is influenced by many great teachers and her style of teaching is unique, modern and layered with yogic philosophy and tradition.

I felt everything was covered from sequencing, to philosophy to survival in today’s competitive Yoga industry. Michelle is also an exceptional businesswoman and is very generous with her knowledge happy to share all her secrets to running a great business.

During the training my confidence as a teacher grew and along with it my confidence in myself and my ability to conquer my wildest dreams.

Tahl Rinsky – Yoga Level 1
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caraFrom the moment I took my first class at EOL I knew I was in the right place. Michelle has created amazing trainings that changed my life. Because of the EOL training I have had the confidence in my teaching ability to open 2 studios and teach all disciplines, yoga, pilates, barre and yin. EOL offers trainings that not are not only insightful and transforming but also rich in traditional teachings. What I loved about this training is the hands on teaching experience, I felt that this teacher training prepared me enough to be able to go into the industry & start teaching straight away.

Not only is Michelle an incredible facilitator that makes old teachings accessible and relative in our modern world she has an incredible team of facilitators that always kept it interesting and inspiring.

Michelle’s wealth of knowledge and compassionate nature helped me blossom into the person I didn’t know I was and to reach the potential I never knew I had. I have continued to train with Michelle over the last 6 years because she is always able to shine the light on the darkness and help me reach new heights. I am forever grateful for my eol training as I truly believe it has made me the teacher and success I am today.”

Cara Louise Gillespie – Yoga & Pilates Level 1, Yoga & Pilates Level 2, Yin Yoga
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14102006_10154488938134533_1286632439_n“In 2013 I quit my 9-5 job & signed up for a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Essence Of Living. Following that I completed further hours in Yoga, Mat Pilates & Thai massage under the guidance of Michelle. Little did I know how much these series of events would completely change my life. Transformation doesn’t feel like a big enough word for what happened during these courses. As a result, I became a yoga teacher, pilates instructor & Thai Massage therapist at Essence Of Living. Although, I am currently facilitating retreats and teaching yoga in Sri Lanka, Essence Of Living will always be home. I am forever grateful to Michelle and Clare for opening the doors & believing in me. Hand on heart, thank you.”

Crystal O’Rourke – Yoga Level 1 & 2, Pilates Level 1 & Thai Massage

IMG_9036The 200 hours I spent under the guidance of Michelle undergoing Essence of Living’s yoga teacher training was the best investment I’ve ever made. A deeply humbling and empowering experience, this course provided the perfect balance between the spiritual and practical aspects of teaching authentic yoga by largely expanding my knowledge of yoga philosophy, encouraging me to deepen my own practice and giving me the tools to confidently and competently guide others on this path. I was truly inspired by Michelle and feel blessed to have had her as my teacher.

Naomi Young-Pickrell – Yoga Level 1

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StretchI completed my second teacher training with Michelle and this was the one that pushed me over (way over) that line of being a student versus being a teacher. Michelle facilitated me to find my inner teacher, my voice and gave me the confidence to not only become a successful yoga instructor but to open a beautiful studio in Melbourne. The biggest difference between Michelle’s course and others is that you learn how to teach, not just how to practice Yoga. The dialogue, the adjustments, the business side of things and the mentoring that continues indefinitely. This is an amazing course.”

Eveline Young – Yoga Level 1

14012117_10154464309234533_1268828306_n“I was referred to Essence of Living for Yoga teacher Training under the guidance of Michelle. I was overwhelmed with just how beneficial Yoga a Teacher Training was for me emotionally. It was so incredible to learn, grow, have hands on practice in the very first class. It left me at the end of the course with an incredible basis for being the best Yoga Teacher I could be but it taught me so much about the person I am. I opened a studio in the northern Gold Coast region and I’m so thrilled that our students developed a deep love for the practice, their interest in a Teacher Training was clear and I was more than happy to refer them to Michelle! We are so lucky to have a growing teacher base from our very own clientele and they now teach at TFLS!
I was fortunate enough to complete Pilates Teacher Training at Essence of living academy too and love the teaching style of Pilates that essence offer, it’s like no other!
If you want to change your life and enhance the lives of others, teacher training at Essence Of Living is by far the best Teacher Training in Australia! Jump in and register now, it will be the best decision you ever made.”

Sharee Sanderson – Yoga & Pilates Level 1
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14011730_10210238760870006_358539574_n“I am immensely grateful for all of my experiences on Michelle’s teacher trainings at Essence of Living. Her trainings not only gave me the practical skills I needed to teach, they also offered me a platform for personal and spiritual growth. Each training I have done has been very well organised and infused with Michelle’s knowledge, passion and love for what she does. Michelle has a unique ability as a facilitator to hold space for aspiring teachers to learn, grow and come out the other end with the knowledge and skills needed to start their teaching journey. I always look back on my time learning at Essence as a time of great personal transformation and growth!”

Rose Lamont – Yoga & Pilates Level 1, Yoga & Pilates Level 2
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_MG_6652“I have so far completed three teacher training courses under Michelle and the Essence team. I’m excited to continue my journey with Essence and their ever evolving course offerings. Whenever iIm asked where was trained, or where I’d recommend being trained, without hesitation i recommend Michelle and the Essence of living team.

Essence of Living’s Academy has been developed through years of passion and experience and is to my knowledge, the most comprehensive, structured Teacher Training Courses on offer in Australia.

More importantly, the teacher training courses offered by Essence of Living offer an experience, an opportunity for personal growth and development, meeting lifelong friends & like minded students, in addition to strengthening one’s Yoga or Pilates practice.”

Sophie Spratt – Pilates Level 1 & 2, Yin Yoga
Ritual Yoga and Pilates | Instagram | Facebook

13957416_10154464298449533_1330286778_nThe Essence of Living Teacher Training courses absolutely changed my life. I started teaching pilates part time as soon as I finished my training, and then went on to complete my yoga level one training which only opened up more opportunities for me. I also completed the pilates level 2 training which supercharged my pilates classes and gave me the skills to teach yet another discipline; barre. I loved the Thai massage training and this gives my private yoga/pilates clients a whole different experience. 6 years down the track and I’m still living my passion in a way I never thought possible; owning my own studio in Melbourne and teaching many private and corporate clients every week. I’m so proud to offer the Essence of Living Teacher Training courses at my Melbourne studio in 2017! I also plan on completing the yoga level 2 next year with Michelle on the Gold Coast. The EOL teacher trainings gave me so much confidence in my teaching and in myself. I not only love that I can work for myself and chose my own hours, but the community we can create as teachers is truly magic.

Danielle Klye – Yoga & Pilates Level 1, Pilates Level 2 & Thai Massage

14088753_10154483658104533_461476451_n“Having been exposed to other training providers and modules and I can easily recommend Essence of Living TT Academy, be it, to deepen your own personal practice or to embark on the journey to become a successful yoga teacher

Michelle, Clare and the entire team of facilitators are both inspiring and amazing and Essence of Living has since the very start of my yoga journey felt like inspiring and supportive
If you want to learn and be inspired to become your very best, learn from someone who is vibrating and learning at an equal if not greater vibration

Proudly completing my Level 1 & Level 11 TT via the Essence of Living Training academy was not only highly enjoyable but it also provided me the ability to cement an high platform of training and knowledge at which I can teach from.

Leaving the course you are guaranteed to not only feel; inspired, meet many new like minded friends but feel confident to teach, guide and empower your students.”

Taryn Vinson – Yoga Level 1 & 2
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14045305_10154474919369533_1714067060_oMichelle and Clare both inspired me to do teacher training from the very first class I took, their way with words & their way of handling a full class is inspiring. During the training they teach you to adjust clients safely & how to take for care of your students. Michelle & Clare whole heartedly believe in you if your willing to show up & do the work! It certainly is hard work and you will gain so much from Essence Of Living teacher training. I loved the growth I gained and I love Michelle for believing in me to take the journey to open my very own studio.

Jessica Kerle – Yoga & Pilates Level 1, Yoga & Pilates Mentorship

14002355_10154477649359533_1610484158_o“I feel very fortunate to have done my Yin Yoga teacher training at Essence of Living with Michelle. The skills and experience that I have taken away have been life changing. I feel I have been given an opportunity where I can now help people not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. By doing my training at Essence it has enabled me to create a holistic fitness studio that combines the mind , body and soul.
Michelle facilitates an amazing teaching training course and has so much knowledge and wisdom to share.
Every person that does the course not only takes away skill sets for life but is deeply transformed.”

Fatima Wheeler – Yin Yoga