20482_10153346365692237_1406927710190183713_nName: Tracey Tyley
Age: 30
Role: Accounts Manager

Why do you love working at Essence of Living so much? I feel very lucky to have found myself a part of the Essence family…. it is wonderful to work with such a talented, supportive and down to earth team, in a role that challenges me yet allows and promotes a healthy work/life balance.

What is your favourite thing to do when your not working? I love spending time with my family, and reading fiction novels is a favourite indulgence of mine – which I am trying to make the most of at the moment before our son arrives in August

Do you have another passion or career you pursue as well as working at Essence of Living? Yes, I own Olive Harvest – which is my business where we bring high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Artisan Vinegars direct from select Australian family owned groves to our customers, in refillable bottles – to promote healthy cooking, eating and sustainability.

What is your favourite food & local restaurant? mmmm other than Olive Oil!? wink emoticon it would be mexican – favourite restaurant is Bonita Bonita

What is your top 5 health & beauty tips? Laughter/Smiling, Drinking lots of water, Eating whole and real foods as much as possible, regular exercise when you can and in a way that is enjoyable, and treating yourself – perhaps a massage, chocolate, some lovely wine & cheese… whatever feeds your soul!

Where can we follow you?
Instagram: @Olive.Harvest
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OliveHarvest.au/
Olive Harvest

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