bannerHow did you begin your journey in juicing and detoxing?
I began my journey into juicing and detoxing 10 years ago. When I first started university at the University of California Santa Barbara I began to deepen my yoga and spiritual practice and with that I naturally began to gravitate towards a cleaner diet. From taking nutrition courses to reading a multitude of health books I began to discover my interest for juicing and detoxing. I experimented with the Master Cleanse, various juice cleanses for varying lengths, ayurvedic cleanses, soup cleanses, meditation cleanses and more. I found their health impacts incredibly healing and I knew this was an important new addition to my life. From their I began doing regular seasonal cleanses. I find its a great way to purify my entire being, to stay energized and radiant, and most importantly to live a life I love.

What inspired you to start your journey with sol cleanse?
Both Miriam and I have always had a passion for wellness and living a holistic lifestyle. We wanted to create a holistic business that could really help people improve their lives and transition into a healthier, happier lifestyle. We combined our knowledge and passions into Sol Cleanse. We created a holistic cleanse program that not only includes a juice cleanse to help purify your system, but it also includes yoga, meditation and positive inspirational emails. It is everything we love and we hope that our clients get as much out of it as we do.

What is your favourite juice?
My personal favorite juice is our Courage juice. It is orange, lemon, carrot, ginger and turmeric. It is refreshing and jam packed with essential vitamins and minerals. We like to add special super foods like turmeric, throughout our cleanse programs to give our clients the most nutrient dense cleanses available.

manifestoWhat inspires you everyday?
We at Sol Cleanse are so grateful to be filled with such inspiration every day. Our friends, family and clients are always our biggest inspiration. They send us so much wisdom, love and light. We are deeply connected to Mother Nature and the beautiful surroundings of the Gold Coast. Our personal spiritual practices of yoga and meditation help to bring us daily inspiration as well. Speaking with our clients and the wonderful experiences they have had through Sol Cleanse and its life changing effects is what truly inspires us to continue doing what we love. We are so blessed.

Plans for the future
Sol Cleanse is excited for some very big plans in the future. We hope to continue growing our beautiful business and expanding around Australia. We are thrilled to be offering more yoga juice adventure retreats in 2014. We also have some amazing online programs in the pipeline to be released in the near future so stay tuned!

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