IMG_1806I moved from Osaka – Japan to the Gold Coast in March 2008 and I have never practiced Yoga before come to Australia, I actually never thought it was for me. In 2010 my friend introduced me to Essence of Living Studio and since that day I became addicted to Yoga and after a couple of years I started to enjoy Pilates classes too.

Becoming a healthier person made flourish on me another passion, traveling. Out of the busy, trendy life in Japan and welcomed by the amazing nature of the Gold Coast changed me as a person and made me realise that life can be simple and minimalist. Instead of spending in things, I started to enjoy experiences around the world.

Michelle and Claire are my biggest inspiration to keep practicing and teaching Yoga and Pilates.  Be part of EOL is the biggest opportunity I have ever had to do what I love, in the place I love, with the people I love.